Rob Steinmetz
Bangkok, Thailand
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Robert Steinmetz

Bear Specialist Group Co-Chair &
Sun Bear Expert Team Co-Chair

Rob is head of the Conservation Biology Unit at World Wildlife Fund Thailand. He has conducted ecological research, training, and site-based conservation projects in Southeast Asia for __ years. He studied the ecology of sympatric Asiatic black bears and sun bears for his Ph.D., and was heavily involved in the rangewide mapping and red-listing of these two species. Rob has designed and implemented monitoring surveys for a number of species in Southeast Asia. He has also investigated methods of assessing the extent and impacts of forest loss and poaching, the key factors affecting bear populations worldwide. Rob also researches the ecology and conservation of other threatened species in Southeast Asia, particularly tigers, leopards, dholes, wild cattle, deer, and primates. He works closely with rangers and local communities to better manage protected areas, a key factor in the conservation of bear populations.