Dajun Wang, Giant Panda Expert Team Co-Chair

Dajun Wang
Email: djwang@pku.edu.cn
209 Russell Labs
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-262-1984

School of Life Sciences, Peking University
No. 5 Yiheyuan Rd, Haidian District
Beijing 100871, China
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Dajun Wang

Giant Panda Expert Team Co-Chair

Dajun Wang is a wildlife biologist with School of Life Sciences, Peking University, based in Beijing, China. His research is focusing on the wildlife ecology in western China, mainly about the endangered species population and habitat management under the human disturbance. He started his wildlife research career from wild giant panda in 1993, and got his Ph.D in 2003 on wild giant panda movement, activities and homerange. Then he expanded the research field from the individuals’ observation to habitat fragmentation, and then to the biodiversity in the mountains of western China. He worked with students of his research group in Peking University on multi species including Snow Leopard, Przewalski’s gazelle, and 3 other bear species, Asiatic black bear, Brown bear and Sun bear.