Nishith Dharaiya

Nishith Dharaiya
Wildlife and Conservation Biology Research Lab
Department of Life Sciences,
HNG University, Patan 384265 (Gujarat) India
Phone: +91 999 898 1560
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Nishith Dharaili

Sloth Bear Expert Team Co-Chair

Nishith is currently positioned as an associate professor at Department of Life Sciences, HNG University, Gujarat- India. Since 1996 he has been working mainly on large mammal ecology and biodiversity monitoring in India. He did his doctorate on the ecology and behavior of Asiatic lions. Since 2006 he has been doing research on sloth bears, investigating distribution, population monitoring, and human-bear conflicts in India as well as in Bhutan. Nishith has developed a revised map of Sloth bear distribution in world for IUCN and also authored the Bear conservation action plan for Gujarat. In addition to sloth bear research, he has conducted studies focused on wetland monitoring and monitoring of small mammal populations in Gujarat and supervising work on pesticide contamination in wetlands. Nishith is working toward collaborative capacity building programmes for wildlife conservation at his university. He has coordinated the recent sloth bear population estimation in Gujarat state with Gujarat forest department. Nishith aspires to elevate and direct the young researchers towards the conservation of wildlife and habitat. He is appointed as a member of State Wildlife Advisory Board of Gujarat state by the chief minister of Gujarat. Currently he is also a council member of International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA).