The Bear Specialist Group (BSG) is one of 140 Specialist Groups within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) oversees the conservation of the 7 species of terrestrial bears (all but the polar bear, which being a marine mammal is handled by a separate Specialist Group).

This species is by far the most common bear in the world, although it occupies just 3 countries. Commonly called “the black bear” in North America, the true name is the American black bear, to distinguish it from the Asiatic black bear. These two similar-sized species are ecologically alike. They are believed to be “sister species”, originating from a common ancestor that crossed from Asia to North America.

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The Asiatic black bear, as its name implies, is a mainly black-colored bear that lives exclusively in Asia, from Iran to the Russian Far East (although it once lived across Europe, based on fossils found there). It’s most distinguishing feature is a crescent-shaped white marking on its chest, giving it the common name “moon bear” in several countries.

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