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The Human-Bear Conflict Expert Team (HBCET) recognizes that the conflict that arises from bears living in close proximity to humans is creating new management and conservation challenges around the globe. In many cases of HBC the bears are often only foraging, or are simply present, in a place where humans do not want them; this may be a conflict for the human but not the bear. Thus, we have intentionally included the words “perceive bears to be a direct threat” and “undesirably use” in our definition of human-bear conflict because if the perception of the situation is negative it can hinder conservation efforts for bears. You can find more information on the the Principles of Human-Bear Conflicts and/or the Approaches to Managing HBC as defined by the HBCET, by clicking the links below:

Principles of Human-Bear Conflict Reduction

Approaches to Human-Bear Conflict Management

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